Joining The Dojo

We are opening again Sunday July 18th at 59 Oneil St. in Kingston.

About Joining The Dojo…taking the first step!

The first step is to give us a call, email us or visit us at the dojo during a scheduled class. Visitors are welcome, and we suggest that prospective members watch a class before joining.

One thing you will not experience at the dojo is pressure to join, or any kind of sales tactics. We encourage serious, self-motivated students who genuinely want to improve themselves and their martial skills through the practice of Aikido.

After you watch a class, we’ll set you up for your first session, you can come to any basics or all-levels classes. See our schedule…

The way aikido is taught, you can practice along with intermediate and advanced students right from the beginning, and the speed and complexity of the techniques can be adjusted to your level. As you advance, you will gradually increase the intensity of your workout as your body strengthens and your flexibilty and coordination improve.

Monthly dues of $50. There are no long term contracts, membership is month-to-month.

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