Welcome to Aikido


Aikido is often called the martial art of peace due to its philosophy of non-violent resolution to conflict, and it definitely shows when one watches this beautiful martial art in practice.

Having as many things in common with Yoga or Tai Chi as it does with similar throwing arts like Judo, Aikido practice can be as much moving mediation or acrobatic work out as each person prefers, allowing individuals to focus on the type of training that interests them while growing their skills regardless of the level of experience or fitness of their partner.

When joining Kingston Aikido, you’re becoming a part of a community that encourages each other to be their best and that supports each other to better achieve their goals, whether that be fitness, health, weight loss or just looking for a place to meet with like minded individuals and forget about the stresses of the day while engaging in a fun activity!

Kingston Aikido offers classes six days a week, timed conveniently after 5:00pm and early on Saturday to ensure attendance is as easy as possible. All members are welcome to attend any beginners or all-levels class from the moment they sign up with no restriction on the number of classes a member can take per month.

Please see our schedule here for exact class times.

Our pricing structure is competitive at $97 a month for unlimited classes and we offer discounts for multiple household members and active student’s of any local college. Please be sure to reach out to us if you have any questions!

We hope that you will consider stopping by to watch a class and see what Aikido is all about!

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